What is Four Way Electical Coverter?


The electronic converter device adopts advanced electronic circuit control, intelligent automatic switching of mains, wind power, diesel generators and solar power, greatly reducing the time for power supply recovery when the mains is stopped, safe and convenient.

What is Voltage Guard?


The voltage protector is a smart household product, which can also be called over-voltage protection device. Its principle is to effectively protect the household appliances by using the voltage range set by the internal MCU program.

Change Over Switch, Four Way Electrical Converter


COV020-D is the Middle East market selling high-power smart four-way electronic converter. For hospitals, hotels, supermarkets and other public places. In the frequent power-off situation without manual switch can be done automatically switch four power supply. Have rated power less than 6600W over, undervoltage protection.

Services 5S Lean Management of BXST


"Services 5S Lean Management is Quality Improvement Tool"and China's 5S activities promote the first, service to improve quality, lean to build brands, service industry 5S, so that enterprises become the details of the winner.

BXST wil attend 2020 China Refrigeration on 8th-10th April, 2020 in Wuhan


Wenzhou BXST Co.,Ltd will attend 2020 China Refrigeration. Our Exhibition Products are Voltage protector, Change over switch, current protector and pure sine wave inverter. As a necessary parts ​of refrigerator, our products are always protecting the safety when the air conditioning and refrigeration are been used. When the voltage is too high or too low, our products voltage protector will cut off the power and protect our home appliances.

126th Canton Fair is in progress, BXST welcome you to visit Booth No.10.3K13


126th Canton Fair is in progress, BXST welcome you to visit Booth No.10.3K13

the 126th Canton fair Invitation of BXST


the 126th Canton fair Invitation Date: October 15th-19th Booth No.10.3K31 Warmly welcome to your visiting

what is the role of refrigerator protector?


the refrigerator protector is a component that protects the stability of the refrigerator as a whole. For the refrigerator, this is a very important component. In the ever-changing age of this appliance, there is a refrigerator protector and a refrigerator. The service life will have a relatively stable life, in line with people's traditional family concept, and it will be good to use it for a long time.