Voltage Protector(AVP)Voltage Protector(AVP)
Voltage Protector(AVP)

Mainly used for the regions with instable voltage, when the voltage is too high or too low, the power is cut off automatically, when the voltage becomes normal, after a certain delay time, the electrical power will be supplied automatically, so as to protect the electrical appliances to reduce wear and tear.

Surge protector (SPD)Surge protector (SPD)
Surge protector (SPD)

Surge protector function is to string into the power, signal transmission line transient overvoltage limit in the equipment or system can withstand the voltage range, or will be strong lightning current discharge into the earth, protect the protected equipment or system from power shock (voltage surge) and damage.

Circuit Breaker (C-MCB)Circuit Breaker (C-MCB)
Circuit Breaker (C-MCB)

WiFi smart socket connects to the Internet through WiFi network and controls the power of home appliances, smart phone or other device can control the switch of socket and track the status of socket at any place where network is available, one device can support more than one WiFi smart socket controller. WiFi smart socket using SmartLink net technology you can easily access settings , besides , it has timing function you can DIY for your favorite and power indicator for your energy tracking, let ...

Change Over Switch(ATS)Change Over Switch(ATS)
Change Over Switch(ATS)

To ensure a continuous supply of electrical power,certain installations are connected to three or four sources:A normal source (City grid power):A replacement source (Diesel generator,solar power or wind power) used to supply the installation when the normal source is unavailable.Change over system switches the load between these three or four sources.It can be automated to manage transfers according to external conditions.

Voltage Stabilizer(AVR)Voltage Stabilizer(AVR)
Voltage Stabilizer(AVR)

The single-phase voltage regulator is composed of a contact type auto-regulator, a servo motor, and an automatic control circuit. The working principle is: when the grid voltage is unstable or the load changes, the automatic sampling control circuit sends out a signal and drives the servo motor to adjust the position of the auto-coupler carbon brush, so that the output voltage is adjusted to the rated value and reaches a steady state with overvoltage. , undervoltage, overload, bypass, lightning protection and other protection functions and waveforms are not distorted, reliable performance, long-term operation and so on. It can ensure the normal operation of the electrical equipment.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter(PSWI)Pure Sine Wave Inverter(PSWI)
Pure Sine Wave Inverter(PSWI)

Inverter is good for the home appliance especially the inductive load, such as freezer, refrigerator, airconditioner etc. Full power of the inverter will be definately match your requirement. At the same time, good protection function will take care of all the appliance.

Multi-function socketMulti-function socket
Multi-function socket

USB rechargeable multi-function combination of sockets, the power supply combination on the traditional more than the traditional socket can meet the needs of modern electricity. This socket is integrated with the common power outlet and USB power socket, and the AC power supply and DC power supply are combined together, and the power supply of the ordinary electric appliance and the USB interface can be simultaneously. The purpose of this product design is more convenient for modern electrical...

Light control switchLight control switch
Light control switch

Electric lights automatically switch is based on photoelectric conversion characteristics of semiconductor components design a novel photoelectric switch.