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BXST Photo of electric cars


Recently,an old claim about a field full of abandoned electric cars has found life yet again on social media.

Hapag-Lloyd raises GRI on routes from India, the Middle East to the U.S., and Canada


The regions covered by shipping companies’ increased charges include: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia,Jordan and Iraq.

Global ports grapple with backlog from international Shipping Line blockage


The cover picture is: America's Imports Are Stuck on Ships Floating Just Off Los Angeles ----On April 16,21 cargo ships stuck off the coast of Los Angeles

Why are product prices more and more expensive in 2021?


PPI:Producer Price Index,The production price index is an index that measures the trend and degree of changes in the ex-factory prices of industrial products, and is an important economic indicator that reflects the price changes in the production field during a certain period.

What are power, voltage, current and resistance?


This paper introduces the concepts of power, voltage, current and resistance.

Key points of regulator purchase


Understand and master the key points of the purchase of regulators, can help us to buy more suitable for their own regulators.

Is it really necessary for the average family to use voltage regulators?


This paper introduces the necessity of using household voltage regulator.



This paper introduces the matters needing attention of inverter.