What is the refrigerator protector?


For the refrigerator, the refrigerator protector is a very important component, because in modern society, the speed of the refrigerator is very fast, and the corresponding quality will be reduced, so there is a refrigerator protector, which can be used for the refrigerator. To play a certain protective role, thus improving the overall stability of the refrigerator, then what is the refrigerator protector? What is the specific role? Let's take a look at it together.

TV Guard for your House


If you have been using your electronic devices without a TV guard in your house, then you are taking a very big risk with your money. As you can see the capacitor exploded because it could not handle a power surge and the contents spewed out from the top. On top of that the fuse had blown, all the rectifying diodes and the main processor were damaged too. Below is what a power surge did to a 32 Inch TV. Dont worry because all these problems can be avoided simply by using a Voltage guard.

The Work Principle of Refrigerator Protector


The refrigerator is a must-have household item in our home, and in order to protect the refrigerator, the refrigerator protector will appear. The following small series will introduce the principle and use of the refrigerator protector in detail.

BXST Group Building In Qingtian


On September 7th, Wenzhou Baoxiang Technology Co., Ltd. organized a team building activity---Qingtian Day Trip. The purpose of this activity is to strengthen employee communication, enrich employees' spare time, stimulate employee enthusiasm, enhance team cohesion and team. Collaboration. Tiangong is beautiful, and during the whole activity, everyone’s bright smile can be seen everywhere, and the whole process is happy.

China Charity Day, BXST volunteers are always here


On the morning of September 1st, BXST Struggle Union appliance repair volunteer team of more than 10 people, came to Longwan District River Mudang Cultural Park in the rain, free of charge for the repair of household appliances, to bring the safety knowledge of electricity to the public, Free to send the protection socket with USB interface produced by BXST to the public. After getting the gifts, many citizens volunteered to speak for BXST Protection Sockets.

How is Voltage Regulator Stabilizer working?


Since some electric appliances contain coil components, eddy currents that hinder current flow are generated at the initial stage of energization. The generation of eddy currents weakens the instantaneous voltage at the start of the electric appliance, resulting in slow start-up, and strengthens the instantaneous voltage generated after the disconnection, which may cause spark damage. Circuit. A voltage regulator is needed to protect the proper operation of the circuit. The voltage regulator is composed of a voltage regulating circuit, a control circuit, and a servo motor. When the input voltage or load changes, the control circuit samples, compares, and amplifies, and then drives the servo motor to rotate, so that the position of the voltage brush of the voltage regulator changes. The output voltage is kept stable by automatically adjusting the turns ratio of the coil. The larger capacity regulator also works on the principle of voltage compensation.

China South Africa TRADE FAIR 2019


In April,Our company, Wenzhou BXST Co.,ltd, a 12-years' professional manufacturer of VOLTAGE PROTECTOR and VOLTAGE REGULATOR STABILIZER, went to South America, like Dominica, Colombia, Panama, the United States, etc.; at the end of July, we pushed in Southeast Asia. For us, Southeast Asia is a new market. New markets, new challenges, and new opportunities. In the coming September, we will start a new journey to the other side of the globe - Africa. We hope that our new voltage protectors, voltage regulators and solar systems will shine in new markets.

New Product is coming!!! Circuit Breaker BX-V060-63A


When the current is higher than the limited value, our device automatically cuts off the power, and when current is normal then it will connect to the powe automatically, no need to manual change.