What is surge protector?


The circuit often generates high operating overvoltages when struck by lightning and when switching on or off inductive loads or large loads. This transient overvoltage (or overcurrent) is called surge voltage (or surge current).

Some Questions about Inverter


Simply put, an inverter is an electronic device that converts low voltage (12 or 24 volts) direct current to 220 volts alternating current. Because we usually use 220 volt AC to be converted to DC, and the inverter has the opposite effect, hence the name.

What is an Inverter?


An inverter (Inverter-) popular speaking, the inverter is a direct current (DC) into an alternating current means (AC) of. It consists of an inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit.

The First Zhejiang International Trade (Dominica) exhibition is hosted


From March 22nd to 23rd, the first Zhejiang International Trade (Dominica) exhibition hosted by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce and Zhejiang Grand International Exhibition Co., Ltd. was successfully held in the Foreign Ministry Conference Center of Santo Domingo, Dominica. Two days of actual and intention The transaction amounted to 15 million US dollars.

Invitation to Our Booth 10.3L29 at the 125th China Import and Export Fair


Invitation to Our Booth 10.3L29 at the 125th China Import and Export Fair

What are Electrical Failures?


Electrical equipment has been widely used in production, and electrical Failures are inevitable, so do you know what electrical Failures are?

Innovative Creates Brilliant Future


Baoxiang Technology Mo’er Lab and New Product Launching in 10th Anniversary Celebration



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