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Power and electronic equipment are generally designed to operate at a specific voltage. If the voltage provided exceeds the designed limit, it may damage the equipment, or it may cause fire or explosion.

The hot selling Israeli market digital display voltage protector


V099/V098 series Israeli standard plugs and sockets.Can increase the peak suppressor 140 joules, moisture-proof and fireproof design;Digital display displays real-time voltage, high and low voltage and delay can be adjusted.

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BXST ETL series voltage protector


BXST ETL series voltage protector --simple style ,the latest design of small volume ,sapce is greatly saved (save sea freight and family space ),complete functions,5-15and6-20 sockets ,can meet the different voltage range,delay and over or under voltage protection function can protect household appliances in the case of voltage instability.The shell is flame retardant ,internal moisture-proof design and SMT technology ! One of the real pluses of this product is that it is of very high quality and of compact size.

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Yellow VoltageProtectorPlugSocket AC Output: 120V Green VoltageProtectorPlugSocket AC Output: 220V

What are power, voltage, current and resistance?


This paper introduces the concepts of power, voltage, current and resistance.