BX-V099 Реле напряжения в розетку с Европейским стандарт


 Вэньчжоу BXST научно-техническая компания создавала в 2008 году. Она является поставщиком интеллектуальных электронных и электрических продуктов, объединяющих технологии, производство и торговлю. N продаёт реле напряжения в розетку , розетки для дистанционного управления. Беспроводной интеллектуальный пульт дистанционного управления розетка, интеллектуальные преобразователи, устройства защиты от перегрузки по току ,стабилизатор,таймер и т. Д.    

Global ports grapple with backlog from international Shipping Line blockage


The cover picture is: America's Imports Are Stuck on Ships Floating Just Off Los Angeles ----On April 16,21 cargo ships stuck off the coast of Los Angeles

Launched a new product in 2021 -- S211 918 joule Eu socket surge protector


European standard sockets are suitable for Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and other countries.

What exhibitions did BXST participate in in 2021?


In the first half of 2021, we participated in the CHINA REFRIGERATION INVITATION and the 129th Online Canton Fair.

Why are product prices more and more expensive in 2021?


PPI:Producer Price Index,The production price index is an index that measures the trend and degree of changes in the ex-factory prices of industrial products, and is an important economic indicator that reflects the price changes in the production field during a certain period.

Why should we choose certified products and factories?


We always adhere to the concept of innovation, responsible, professional.

How to prevent the equipment from being damaged when the voltage fluctuates?


There are many different ways to protect your device from voltage. The simplest way is to install a protector on the device, plug and play.

The new factory being built.


BXST is building a new factory, in the future we will have more and more professional assembly lines and a wider storage space!