How to choose digital display timers and mechanical timers


igital display timers and mechanical timers.

BXST Adjustable over and under voltage protection device for home | Voltage protector


Protect your home with an Automatic Adjustable Over & Under Voltage Protector with Auto Recovery Switch

how is voltage measured?


The measurement of voltage is to measure the potential difference between two points.

Topping Ceremony of Taiwanese Technology Industrial Park


BXST will usher in a new stage of intelligent manufacturing development. The topping ceremony of the Wenzhou Science and Technology Industrial Park project was grandly held.

BXST Photo of electric cars


Recently,an old claim about a field full of abandoned electric cars has found life yet again on social media.

The root cause of electrical failure


There is an electrical problem or power failure The most common problems in power supplies are as follows:

Why is it not recommended to install a surge protector in the refrigerator


We do not recommend connecting a refrigerator or freezer to a surge protector and Let us tell you

Happy "Double Festival"


"The Sesame-filled sweet dumpling is ready, everyone come and taste it!"as soon as the WeChat was posted, the company was very lively, like a second pot of sweet dumpling boiling in the pot