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Voltage Stabilizer Porous bit can be inserted, stable voltage with high precision, fast response, anti-surge Strong overload capacity, simple structure, large voltage regulation range, high reliability and strong load adaptability The silent design is lower than 50 decibels, which does not affect the office and rest. It is highly compatible with one machine for multiple purposes. It is widely applicable to multiple devices with low power

BXST Pure Sine Wave Inverter


BXST Pure Sine Wave Inverter ①Inverter output function ②Automatic voltage regulation function ③Undervoltage protection function ④Overload protection function ⑤Short circuit protection function ⑥Overheat protection function ⑦Battery reverse connection protection function ⑧Optional mains switching function

What is a timer plug?


Theelectronic timer plug is a small power connector device that can be programmed to immediately run household appliances or turn onand off as needed. The timer switch will help eliminate excessive use of electricity, reduce electricity bills and extend the life of household equipment. This is the ideal timer for adjusting lighting fixtures, fans, seed process lights, Christmas tree lighting, electric cookers, water heaters, phone chargers, etc. Make your life easier by arranging for a TV, pumping or vent.

What is voltage Protector?


Over and under voltage Protector is used to protect electronic equipment from voltage surge, which means that the voltage rises above a specified level within a certain current range. Some jurisdictions use 120 volts, while others use 220 volts.If the voltage goes up... voltage Protector is used to protect electronic equipment from voltage surge.

BXST-V169 Voltage Protector


BX-V169 Voltage Protector 1. Over/under voltage: When the voltage exceeds the limit, the power supply will be automatically cut off to prevent damage to the electrical appliance due to excessive voltage or low voltage. 2. The undervoltage value is adjustable: the user can adjust the undervoltage protection value according to the actual situation. 3. Relay output: It can be used as a switch to control the load relay. 4. Installation method: Symmetrical track surface installation.

BXST's American standard voltage protector plug


These products are very popular in the South American market

BX-V215-D and BX-V213 voltage protector,TV guard fridge guard AC guard


BX-V215-D and BX-V213 are household plug and socket voltage protectors, suitable for TVs, computers, refrigerators and other electrical equipment with power ≤2200W

BXST Three-phase Voltage protector


BXST Three-phase Voltage protector Three-phase voltage protector LED display High and low pressure adjustable home and industry 220V 3.5A V086.