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BXST Voltage Protector BX-V201


BX-V201 is a household voltage protector. Applicable to TVs, computers, refrigerators and other types of electrical equipment with a power less than 1800W.

BXST Voltage Protector V211/V211-D


V211/V211-D Voltage protector adopts high-speed and low-power microprocessor as the core, high-power relay as the main circuit, and analog-to-digital standard design.

BXST circuit breaker


These are the best selling low power current protectors in the Middle East market.

BXST Voltage Protector BX-V199


The BX-V199 series is a household voltage protector suitable for plug types 5-15P/6-15P. Applicable power is less than 1800W(5-15P)/4400W(6-15P)TVs, computers, refrigerators and other types of low-power household appliances

BXST Voltage Protector


These are the hot-selling household plug and socket voltage protectors in South America and North America.

BXST voltage stabilizer


BXST voltage stabilizer Porous bit can be inserted, stable voltage with high precision, fast response, anti-surge Strong overload capacity, simple structure, large voltage regulation range, high reliability and strong load adaptability The silent design is lower than 50 decibels, which does not affect the office and rest. It is highly compatible with one machine for multiple purposes. It is widely applicable to multiple devices with low power.

How to choose digital display timers and mechanical timers


igital display timers and mechanical timers.

BXST Adjustable over and under voltage protection device for home | Voltage protector


Protect your home with an Automatic Adjustable Over & Under Voltage Protector with Auto Recovery Switch