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Voltage Protector VS Voltage Stabilizer


We all know that voltage protectors and voltage stabilizers both help protect electrical equipment from the damage that voltage problems can cause. And the use of both helps to extend the service life of the equipment and ensure its normal operation. So how to apply these two devices? What's the difference between them?

The Introduction of New Voltage Regulator


Recently, BXST has launched three new voltage regulators. The following will give a brief introduction to these three voltage regulators.

BXST Christmas Stocking Guide


To avoid power interruption during Christmas, make plans in advance to protect your home appliances during Christmas

What are the similarities and differences between voltage regulator and voltage regulator strips?


In order to protect household appliances from damage due to power fluctuations, we use voltage regulators and voltage regulator strips. So what are the similarities and differences between voltage regulator and voltage regulator strips?

How to protect our appliances and solve power consumption problems when voltage fluctuates?


We are in a booming intelligent era, and electricity is one of our indispensable resources. However, there are still many countries and regions where power is fluctuating and unstable. Sometimes sudden bad weather such as lightning strikes can also cause big problems for our electricity consumption. So how do we protect our equipment and solve power consumption problems when power fluctuates?

What is a change over switch?


A changeover switch, also known as a transfer switch or a two-position switch, is an electrical switch that is used to switch between two different power sources or circuits. It is commonly used in various applications, including electrical distribution systems, backup power systems, and industrial machinery. Here's an introduction to the changeover switch.

What is the street light controller?


An automatic street light controller is a smart and energy-efficient system designed to control the illumination of streetlights based on external factors such as ambient light levels, time of day, and traffic conditions. Its primary purpose is to ensure that streetlights are operational when needed and conserve energy when not required, contributing to cost savings, reduced energy consumption, and environmental sustainability.

How long will a portable power supply run?


Many partners may have just purchased a portable power supply, and there are many things they don’t understand. This article provides brief answers to some questions about portable power supply. I hope everyone will benefit from reading this article.