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BXST's American standard voltage protector plug


These products are very popular in the South American market

BX-V215-D and BX-V213 voltage protector,TV guard fridge guard AC guard


BX-V215-D and BX-V213 are household plug and socket voltage protectors, suitable for TVs, computers, refrigerators and other electrical equipment with power ≤2200W

BXST Three-phase Voltage protector


BXST Three-phase Voltage protector Three-phase voltage protector LED display High and low pressure adjustable home and industry 220V 3.5A V086.

BXST Voltage Protector BX-V201


BX-V201 is a household voltage protector. Applicable to TVs, computers, refrigerators and other types of electrical equipment with a power less than 1800W.

BXST Voltage Protector V211/V211-D


V211/V211-D Voltage protector adopts high-speed and low-power microprocessor as the core, high-power relay as the main circuit, and analog-to-digital standard design.

BXST circuit breaker


These are the best selling low power current protectors in the Middle East market.

BXST Voltage Protector BX-V199


The BX-V199 series is a household voltage protector suitable for plug types 5-15P/6-15P. Applicable power is less than 1800W(5-15P)/4400W(6-15P)TVs, computers, refrigerators and other types of low-power household appliances

BXST Voltage Protector


These are the hot-selling household plug and socket voltage protectors in South America and North America.