What is the difference between circuit breaker and air switch?

Date:2019-11-14 09:48:01 click:194

First, the role is different:

1. The air switch generally functions as an "isolation" and a "protection device" in a small current circuit, also called an automatic switch, also called an air circuit breaker.

2. circuit breaker brand products have a good arc-extinguishing ability, automatic trip in the case of short-circuit and high-current circuit; in high-voltage, high-current circuits, it is often used as an operating device for power failure, power transmission, switching on and off load .

Second, the difference in voltage levels:

Generally, the air switch has a voltage level of 500V or less, and the circuit breaker can usually be used for voltage levels above 220V .

Third, the ability to interrupt current is different:

Generally, the load and short circuit current that be circuit breaker can withstand are larger.

Fourth, the difference between the arc extinguishing medium and the way:

The arc extinguishing medium and method of the circuit breaker not only have air circuit breakers, but also vacuum circuit breakers, multi-oil circuit breakers, oil-less circuit breakers, and sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers.