Why You Need a Voltage Protector

Date:2017-12-27 06:13:03 click:2171

This article is a review of the newly released item by BXST called Voltage Protector. It is co-related with the more familiar Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) item because of its primary function to protect appliances. A Voltage Protector guarantees us the same protection in the case of an over-voltage or an under-voltage.

BXST Voltage Protector has a single outlet with switch having the capacity of 20 Amperes, 4,400 Watts and a working voltage rating of 220. With this load, BXST voltage protector is suitable to be used for your refrigerators, air conditioners, TVs and many more. It also has a delay feature of about 2-4 minutes in order to protect the plugged-in appliance in cases of sudden electrical surges especially during the initial entry of power and more so, when power comes back after a power outage.

The difference however between a BXST Voltage Protector with an ordinary AVR is that a Voltage Protector will cut power when the voltage has exceeded its under voltage capacity of 170 or its over voltage capacity of 265. Unlike an AVR, it is not made up of a servomechanism in order to be able to regulate the voltage and continue the use of the plugged-in appliance. But by cutting off the power, your Voltage Protector disables your appliance to experience electrical surges that can cause unwanted damages to your valued appliance and also to the Voltage Protector itself.

Given that BXST Voltage Protector is light and compact, this item is especially useful for travelling out-of-town with family and friends. Especially in provinces where power outages and other electrical surges are common, your voltage protector will take care of your laptop, DVD player, audio player, speakers and other portable equipments you brought during the trip and make sure that you enjoy that vacation you’ve been waiting for.

To be more informed of how to use and understand your BXST Voltage Protector, please find below simple tips and instructions I included in this review.

Insert the item to a wall socket.

Plug in the appliance into the BXST Voltage Protector. Make sure that the working voltage and ampere of the appliance complies to the specifications of the protector.

When the voltage rating of an appliance exceeds its maximum capacity, the protector will automatically cut off power. The indicator light ‘Over Voltage’ will also light up informing the user that the product could not be used in the meantime.

Similarly, when the voltage rating of an appliance reaches the minimum allowable capacity of the protector fixed by the user, it will also automatically cut off power. At the same time, the ‘Under Voltage’ indicator lights up to inform the user that the voltage is too low thus the product could not be used.

In cases of fluctuations in electric power, until BXST Voltage Protector exceeds and reaches the maximum capacity of under and over voltage, the protector will be the one to provide power until it stabilizes. However, once it reaches the allowable capacity, BXST Voltage Protector will protect the appliance by cutting off power to the appliance. This will also automatically light the ‘On Delay’ indicator light to inform the user. The protector will be delayed for 2-4 minutes in order to make sure that the power is stable and has been re-established. This way, the appliance plugged in is protected.

When all things are normal, the ‘On’ indicator light will again be lit.

The biggest advantage of the BXST Voltage Protector is its affordable price compared with an AVR. See for yourself. You won’t be sorry.