Surge protector and voltage protector

Date:2020-04-21 02:57:47 click:810

Surge protector should be said to be a lightning protection device, is a lot of weak lightning protection equipment used by the main means. Voltage protector is a device that can automatically and quickly cut off the power supply when the power grid voltage is suddenly raised.

Surge is said to be lightning strike, network voltage fluctuations, electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic interference, potential difference is too large and other reasons caused by the phenomenon of circuit overvoltage or overcurrent, also known as transient overvoltage.

The advantage of using surge protectors is that they can effectively absorb large amounts of sudden energy or introduce powerful lightning currents to the ground, thus providing security for electronic or electrical equipment.

Voltage and voltage protectors, commonly used are varistors, the state of high impedance when the power supply is not overvoltage, when the grid voltage is suddenly raised above the overvoltage protection action voltage, varistors from high resistance to low resistance, in the form of discharge current in the varistors flow, and then through subsequent devices to cut off the power supply.

Although they all have overvoltage protection, surge protectors can protect against the damage caused by high voltage and current caused by lightning, while voltage protectors protect against the damage caused by lightning or high voltage of the power grid. Therefore, the overvoltage and overcurrent caused by lightning and the overvoltage and overcurrent caused by the power grid are obviously not of the same level.