Key points of regulator purchase

Date:2020-05-12 08:46:55 click:1303

It is recommended that you buy at least three times more regulators than the actual power, because regulators in the actual work to overcome the surge impact of the power and the starting impact of the inductive load (such as refrigerators, air conditioners, motors and electric motors).

1, the voltage regulator used in inductive load, due to the perceptual load have bigger instantaneous starting current, generally is about 3 to 5 times the rated current is often more than 9 times the running current (such as refrigerator, air-conditioner, washing machines, electric fans, large air conditioning, printing machine, air compressor, elevators, water pumps and other all belong to the perceptual load), so that with motor, compressor electrical appliances, such as voltage regulator of inductive load, must consider its power reserve, to leave allowance, be about to reserve enough allowance, to avoid the impact of load on current stabilizer instant damage. If the whole factory USES the voltage regulator, when starting the machine, the high-power inductive load should be avoided to start at the same time. Therefore, when choosing the voltage regulator, 1.5 times the reserved capacity should be 3 times the reserved capacity of the single machine.

2. Pay attention to the voltage value of the municipal power supply, whether it is beyond the input voltage range specified by the selected voltage stabilizer, and whether the three-phase voltage difference is more than 10V

3. Before purchasing the machine, we should consider the future business expansion, whether we need to add equipment and whether the voltage stabilizer needs to reserve the expansion capacity

4. Whether it is a single machine or a whole factory, a certain reserved capacity should be reserved for the stabilizer selected to avoid the 100% load rate of the stabilizer, which is generally up to 90%. The appearance structure of the automatic voltage regulator has the table type, the wall type, the table type and the floor type and so on several kinds, should be installed according to the position, the main use, as well as the installation capacity, choose different style.

5. Industry insiders suggest that when choosing voltage regulators, we should also pay attention to choose products with high brand awareness, because these manufacturers are reliable in quality and considerate in service. At the same time whether the manufacturer has a good after-sales service, such as product quality implementation of the three guarantees, is also an important factor consumers should pay attention to.