Happy "Double Festival"

Date:2021-12-25 01:13:18 click:233

After a while, the company lounge bar was full of laughter and the fragrance of sesame seeds.Several sales partners couldn't go to the leisure bar because of video communication with customers. The warm-hearted male colleagues directly brought sweet dumpling to them, and the sales manager SAMMI also cooked in person. This winter solstice made the friends feel warmer.

Two days have passed since the winter solstice, and another festival ushered in on December 24----Christmas Eve.The company not only prepared big and red Peace Fruits with "Merry Christmas" printed on it for the partners, but also sent a box of love chocolates to make everyone feel more warm.

BXST has always advocated "being a warm enterprise". Every major holiday and traditional festival, it will express gratitude to employees and customers in various ways and send holiday greetings.

Today, the company--BXST wishes everyone a Merry Christmas