The root cause of electrical failure

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The root cause of electrical failure

There is an electrical problem or power failure

The most common problems in power supplies are as follows:

EMI / RF interference or electrical noise

Transient overvoltage or spike

High voltage and low voltage

Voltage changes.

Temporary and long-term power outages.

Transient overvoltage or spike:

Discharge, switching of the power supply network, re-establishment of connections,

 and opening and closing of inductive loads in the industrial field are the main reasons for this problem.

 Without proper protection, they may cause permanent equipment damage.

High and/or low voltage:

Like supply disruptions, they are the consequence of failures in energy production and transportation.

 Low voltage is also caused by high-consumption starting loads (system overload or at the end of the distribution network). 

The high voltage may also be caused by the shutdown of high power consumption loads.

These voltages beyond the proper range for powering electrical or electronic equipment can cause normal failure,

 shortened service life, and permanent equipment damage.