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This paper introduces the working principle of inverter.



This paper introduces the function of inverter and its main objects and scenarios.

What characteristic does PVC have, action?


This paper introduces the characteristics, functions and advantages of PVC material.

Surge protector and voltage protector


This paper introduces the function difference and working principle of voltage protector and surge protector.

What isSmart Home WiFi Switch Module?


BXST WIFI Module Switch Is Designed To Transform All Of Your Entire Home Existing Mechanical Devices (Dumb Devices) Into A Smart Home System Which You’ve Always Dreamed Of Without Going Broke. The WIFI Module Switch Is Designed To Be Installed In Anywhere In Your Smart Home. Stunning Design And Easy To Use

What is the difference between circuit breaker and air switch?


Circuit breaker brand products have a good arc-extinguishing ability, automatic trip in the case of short-circuit and high-current circuit; in high-voltage, high-current circuits, it is often used as an operating device for power failure, power transmission, switching on and off load .

What is Voltage Regulator Stabilizer for Household?


The function of the household voltage regulator is to stabilize the power supply voltage required by the large fluctuation and the unsuitable electrical equipment within its set value, so that various circuits or electrical equipment can work normally under the rated working voltage.

How do Voltage Regulator Stabilizer develop these years?


Stabilization is a product with the best comprehensive technical performance, highest reliability and lowest maintenance cost among various technical types of AC regulated power supplies.​