What is the street light controller?

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What is an automatic street light controller?

1. Introduction

Street light controller is a device used to control electrical equipment such as factories, schools, street lights, corridors, aisle lights, advertising light boxes, traffic police photo lights, monitoring fill lights, etc. It can automatically control the on/off status of the power supply according to the brightness of the light, and is widely used in situations where it needs to be turned off during the day and turned on at night. This smart switch can also be configured as needed to enable the function of turning it on during the day and off at night.

Our company specializes in production using high-quality components and materials. This switch is not affected by weather seasons and has reliable performance, high sensitivity and excellent rain resistance. The products sell well all over the country and are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, and are deeply loved by users. The use of this switch helps avoid untimely switching of lights caused by manual control by on-duty personnel, thereby reducing energy waste and unnecessary cost losses.

2. Function

The product is designed with a delay circuit, which has the anti-interference ability to prevent accidental lightning or flashlights, car lights and other lights from illuminating the photoelectric switch, or falling leaves temporarily blocking the photoelectric switch. (If you need no delay, turn on when there is light, and turn off when there is no light, please indicate it when ordering) The automatic street light controller is composed of a photoelectric conversion device, a photoelectric head, integrated components, electronic components, and executive relays. When the light is strong during the day, the photosensitive element outputs a signal, causing the relay of the integrated circuit to release, and the street light does not light up. When it gets dark to a certain extent in the evening, due to the weakened light, the photosensitive element turns off the signal output, and the relay closes and the street light stays on until the next morning. The light-enhancing integrated trigger automatically activates and the street lights turn off.

3. Attention

1. Do not install this device in a particularly dark place during the day or in a place directly illuminated by normally closed lights.

2. When wiring the automatic switch, the black wire and white wire should be connected to the power supply, and the white wire and red wire should be connected to the load.