what is the role of refrigerator protector?

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The role of the refrigerator protector

1. The refrigerator protector is a socket type refrigerator protector, which mainly supplies power to the electric circuit through a bidirectional controllable switch, and is also equipped with a power supply indicator. The refrigerator maintenance device is simple in planning and simple in structure, and has the characteristics of small size and low cost.

2. Its biggest function is the maintenance function of various refrigerators with under-voltage, over-current and delay-starting. It is useful to ensure the working environment of the refrigerator, reduce the damage of the refrigerator to the compressor, and extend the refrigerator. Service life. The timer of the refrigerator maintainer is set to operate differently than the refrigerator to control the refrigerator, freezer and other equipment.

3. It can simulate the temperature control process of the refrigerator, and it is useful to avoid the damage of the refrigerator compressor and the abnormality of the power supply caused by the non-stop of the refrigerator due to the leakage of the refrigerant of the refrigerator, and the damage caused by the high-pressure engine is maintained. The power supply environment in which the refrigerator is operating normally.

How to use the refrigerator protector

1. Connect the refrigerator protector to the power supply, and the red light on the protector lights up. At this time, the refrigerator protector is in the stop indication, and the green light of the protector indicates the power-on indication.

2. Insert the plug of the refrigerator into the output jack of the protector and rotate the thermostat of the refrigerator to the maximum orientation.

3. The two buttons on the protector are used to set the opening and closing time of the refrigerator, and the user can adjust the opening and closing time of the refrigerator according to the needs of the user.

4. When the user needs fast frozen food, the demand presses the quick start button