The Introduction of New Voltage Regulator

Date:2023-11-29 10:23:59 click:426

A voltage regulator is an electronic device used to control the voltage in a circuit to ensure that the output voltage remains stable when the input voltage changes. They are widely used in various electronic equipment, such as power supplies, telecommunications equipment, computers, etc. A voltage regulator eliminates fluctuations and noise in the input voltage and ensures that the output voltage remains constant within a preset range. This is critical for many electronic components and devices, as they require specific voltages to function properly, and grid power supplies can fluctuate or be unstable.


VRD36 Dual Display Single-Phase Stabilizer:

This regulator is equipped with dual displays that simultaneously display input voltage and error, and output voltage and error. Its working indicator allows you to clearly understand the operating status of the equipment, and the delay indicator can remind you when the voltage regulator starts to take effect. This single-phase voltage regulator is designed to provide reliable voltage stability, ensuring that the device maintains a stable output when the input voltage changes.


VRW27 LED Display Single/Three-Phase Stabilizer:

This voltage regulator is available in single-phase and three-phase, and is equipped with an LED display. It also includes a power switch delay function and a delay adjustment button to help you adjust the delay time as needed, providing more flexible use. experience.


AVR16 Single-Phase Stabilizer:

The AVR16 single-phase voltage regulator not only has a working indicator, but also an input and output indicator to clearly display the input and output status. It is also equipped with a power switch and input and output selection buttons, allowing you to easily switch the functions of the voltage regulator, and has an LED voltmeter function to provide accurate voltage information.


These product series all provide you with stable voltage output and are equipped with various indicator lights and function buttons to meet your needs for voltage stability and control.