Surge protection Devic

Date:2021-03-04 02:36:38 click:129

Power and electronic equipment are generally designed to operate at a specific voltage.

If the voltage provided exceeds the designed limit, it may damage the equipment, or it may cause fire or explosion.

Excessive voltage may propagate through power and data lines.

Surge protection Devic is an indispensable device in lightning protection of electronic equipment.

Surge protector function is to string into the power, signal transmission line transient overvoltage limit in the equipment or system can withstand the voltage range, or will be strong lightning current discharge into the earth, protect the protected equipment or

system from power shock (voltage surge) and damage.

BXST is committed to producing high quality products to protect electrical safety!

Recently we have launched a number of surge protectors, small size, peak suppressor up to 918 joules.(The video shows the assembly line and mechanized production.)