Single Phase Changeover Switch for Home in the Middle Market

Date:2019-04-23 10:35:29 click:1304

To ensure a continuous supply of electrical power,certain installations are connected to three or four sources:A normal source (City grid power):A replacement source (Diesel generator,solar power or wind power) used to supply the installation when the normal source is unavailable.Change over system switches the load between these three or four sources.It can be automated to manage transfers according to external conditions.

Change Over Switch withhigh powerandfour phases inthe Middle East market.It can be used for hospitals, hotels, supermarkets and other public places.Under the condition of thefrequent power-off, itcan be switched automaticallytofour power supplieswithout manualchange.It applies for the home appliance whichrated powerisless than 6600W. 

The Feature:

●Four-phase conversion: L1 / L2 / L3 / L4 four phases supply power. always gives priority to L1 phase to supply power to the user. (L1> L2> L3> L4)

●Auxiliary switch: When the L4-phase generator supplies electricity to the users, any of the above(L1,L2,L3) calls, the change over switch will turn off the generator through the auxiliary switch to reduce the noise of the generator.

●Warranty: The warranty light is on for almost one year(cumulative time), when it is not covered by the warranty, the light will be off.

●Visualizd window: The digital display shows the current working status clearly and conspicuously.

●Flame retardant material:Be able to reach the experimental standards ofleveltestofUL94-5VA.