Services 5S Lean Management of BXST

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"Services 5S Lean Management is Quality Improvement Tool"and China's 5S activities promote the first, service to improve quality, lean to build brands, service industry 5S, so that enterprises become the details of the winner.5S is a tool for implementing systems and standards

In-depth explanation of 5S with a new vision

Finishing, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, literacy

Wenzhou BXST Co.,Ltd also adheres to the management method "Services 5S Lean Management"


1 Dispose of the file materials and tools that are no longer used.

2 Clean up items on the desktop that are not related to the office.
3 Personal items should be placed separately and neatly in one place.
4 It is forbidden to place items on the window sill, on the air conditioner outside, or on the computer host.


1 Office supplies, documents, and seats are placed neatly and orderly.

2 After the file is processed, it must be placed in a folder and placed neatly.

3 Documents should be classified and stored clearly.

4 The wires are placed neatly and without random wiring.


 1 Computers, printers, tables, chairs, and cabinets are free of dust.
 2 The floor is kept clean, free from rubbish, stains and paper scraps.
 3 The garbage in the garbage basket should be cleaned up in time, and no residual food should be left overnight, and it should not be overflowing.
 4 Plants should be placed neatly, pots clean, and watered and maintained regularly.


1 Take 5 minutes to work 5S every day.

2 Self-inspection, mutual inspection, regular or irregular inspection at any time.

 3 Correct the situation in case of non-compliance. (Compared with previous inspections)
 4 Cleaning/cleaning/cleaning is good.


1 Dress up in accordance with the requirements of the employee's manual. If you need to wear tooling, you should wear tooling.

2 Have a team spirit and help each other.
3 Turn off the air conditioner and computer power when you are off work.
4 The work arrangement is orderly and the time concept is strong.