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Baoxiang Technology Moer Lab and New Product Launching in 10th Anniversary Celebration


On October 21st, Wenzhou Baoxiang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand 10th anniversary ceremony and new product launch conference at Shangri-La Hotel. At the meeting, Jia Lichun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Longwan District Committee and deputy head of the district, and Xiang Xiao, deputy director of the Wenzhou Zhenan Science and Technology City Management Committee, and other eight guests jointly launched the launching ceremony of Baoxiang Moer Lab. The outstanding staff and team of Baoxiang, VIP customers and Class A suppliers were awarded in the meeting. During the conference, The orders with more than 3 million dollars were signed with honored guests who came to the event.


In the speech, Chen Mintao, chairman of the company, reviewed the past ten years and looked forward to the next ten years respectively. He said that dreams and gratitude are the driving force for the advancement of enterprises. Struggle and self-discipline are the cultural genes of Baoxiang's sustainable development. The value of "innovation, sharing and responsibility" makes Baoxiang never forget the initial heart and keeps forward. When talking about the company's development plan for the next ten years, he said that in the next ten years, Baoxiang will follow the trend of new retail, adhere to the customer-centered and proceed from the actual needs of customers' business for an open, cooperative and win-win ecosystem through interconnected factories. In the next ten years, the company will continue to take root in the fertile ground for entrepreneurial innovation in southern Zhejiang. To manufacture Products with good quality, to expand our platform, and to keep forward with business partners create a bright future for Baoxiang!


In Baoxiang Moer Laboratory, at present, there are 2 doctoral students, 8 undergraduate and intermediate titles, and 101 national patents and 2 overseas invention patents. In the next ten years, the company will invest no less than 6% of sales into the laboratory every year, and strive to build Moore Lab into a national key laboratory to provide technical and intellectual support for Baoxiang's product iterative update and intelligent manufacturing.


Nearly 300 guests from all walks of life and employees witnessed Baoxiang's 10th birthday. Baoxiang employees also used their own self-produced cultural programs to present Baoxiang's 10th anniversary.

Chen Mintao, Chairman of the company, delivered a speech

Baoxiang Technology Moer Lab 

New Product launching and introducing