How to Use Smart Home WiFi Switch Module?

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App Setting Up 

· Connect Your Smartphone Or Tablet To The WLAN Router.

· Install The SMART LIFE Or TUYA App From The App Store/Google Player On Your Smartphone Or Tablet.

· Start The Set Up Process By Opening The App

· Connect Your Devices Into The App

· Enter The Username And Password

· Get The Verification Code to Log Into The App


WIFI Device Range Tester

· Switch Off  The Mains Power

· Connect The Device In Accordance With The Diagram

· Switch On The Mains Power

· Press And Hold The Black Button For 7 Seconds, Until The LED Indicator Flashing

· Disconnect The Device To Exit The Range Test


Our App Only Supports 2.4GHz Wireless Standards


Getting Started With Your Device

¨ Adding Devices

· Make Sure That The Device Is Connected To The Power Supply

· Ensure That Your Smartphone Is Connected To The WIFI

· Press And Hold On The Black Button Of The Device For Several Seconds

· The LED Indicator Will Glows Rapidly

· Start To Add Your Devices

· Input Your Password To Immediately Start The Adding Process

· Wait For The Adding Process To End

· Successful Pairing And Adding Will Be Confirmed By The Smart Controller


Adding Devices Via The Home Centre Controller

· Icon ” Refers To The Device Options

· Icon +” Refers For Adding The Devices

· Icon ” Refers To Rename The Devices


¨ Warning: 

During The Adding Process, The Device Should Be In A Direct Range Of The WiFi Controller


Main Features:

· Compatible With Wi-Fi Function, Google Home and Amazon Echo

· Works With Several Apps Such As Tuya App And IFTTT App

· Transforms All Of The Mechanical Devices Into A Smart Home Appliances

· Sunning Design And Mini Shape

· Easy To Install And Use In Anywhere At Your Home

· Compatible With All Kind Of LED Light Bulbs

· With Memory Function (when the power outage, after it on, the device will back to the previous condition. If the power is in a normal state, the device memory function can work .it will back to the state you off last time.)

· Affordable And Cost Effective.

· Comes With Both Neutral and Live Wires.


¨ Warning:

The Device Should Be Installed According To The Current Edition Of The IEE Wiring Regulations. If in Doubt, Please Consult A Qualified Electrician.


Basic Instruction For Connecting:

1. SWITCH OFF The Main Supply Before Beginning Electrical Work

2. Use An Electrical Tester To Ensure The Safety

3. Check The Location Of The Terminal Connections Carefully Before Wiring

4. Make Electrical Connections In Accordance With The Relevant Diagram

5. Ensure That No Bare Wires Protrude From The Terminals.

6. Screw The Device Carefully By Using the Fixing Screws Supplied.

7. SWITCH ON The Main Supply

8. Download The Tuya Or Smart Life App To Your Smartphone Or Tablet

9. Set Your Devices Into The App

10. Long Press And Hold On The Black Button Of The Device For Several Seconds To Start Pairing The Device

11. Successful Pairing Will Be Confirmed By The Device


¨ Note:

During the Adding process, The Device Must Be Connected To The Wifi.


Wiring Diagrams Description:

Required Both Live and Neutral IN and Live and Neutral OUT which is Smart and Easy To Use!

N: Neutral Wire Terminal

L: Live Wire Termina