Comparing NEW PCB to Old PCB, After SMT Workshop is estabilished.

Date:2019-10-31 09:14:35 click:953

As the company's sales business is growing steadily every year, customers have higher requirements for our BXST's production capacity and production efficiency.

The SMT workshop was established this year. The average age of the eight employees is only 26 years old. It is a young and knowledgeable team. The workshop undertakes the production tasks of the company's Voltage Protectors, Current Protectors, Change Over Switch and other core components. Product quality is the life of the company, as the production task of the core components, the workshop staff are not sloppy, whether it is hardware equipment or software management are working together to create first-class. 

For the new orders, we will use new PCB instead of the old PCB. Because now we change to Automatic SMT machines, which make higher accuracy of the product, speed up production process and shorten delivery time.