China Charity Day, BXST volunteers are always here

Date:2019-09-04 11:30:00 click:400

On the morning of September 1, BXST Struggle Union appliance repair volunteer team of more than 10 people, came to Longwan District River Mudang Cultural Park in the rain, free of charge for the repair of household appliances, to bring the safety knowledge of electricity to the public, Free to send the protection socket with USB interface produced by BXST to the public. After getting the gifts, many citizens volunteered to speak for Baoxiang Technology Protection Sockets.

On the same day, 2019 Wenzhou City and Longwan District commemorated the third anniversary of the promulgation of the "Charity Law" and the fourth "China Charity Day" charity carnival was held in the River Muddy Cultural Park, attracting many citizens to participate and interact. At the event site, the Municipal Charity Federation and the Longwan District Charity Federation united dozens of volunteer teams from all over the city to provide free haircuts, home appliance repairs, massages, free clinics, charity sales, repairs (shoes), key collections, and provide Local snacks and other projects, dedication to charity.

Chen Mintao, head of BXST, said that as a responsible technology company, BXST has always adhered to the core values of “innovation, sharing and responsibility”. We know that the growth of the company cannot be separated from the support of all walks of life. Therefore, we should rely on charity and charity to support the society. In the future, we will organize similar charity events. On September 2, 2018, he organized the staff of the unit to go to Bailuting in the urban area to participate in the voluntary porridge volunteers, and sent the money. In the past two years, Baoxiang Technology has donated tens of thousands of love funds to Wenzhou Charity Federation and other units to donate learning computers to preschool children in Wenqiao District of Wenzhou.