BXST South African voltage protector(Large South African)

Date:2024-04-02 03:09:08 click:166

Experience safe electricity use with BXST voltage protector!


Today, we are thrilled to introduce four classic South African voltage protectors. These protectors are manufactured with the most advanced technology and reliable materials, undergoing rigorous testing and certification to ensure stability and reliability. They provide all-round safety protection for your equipment.

Regardless of voltage fluctuations, overloads, or short circuits, BXST's products respond promptly, cutting off the power supply to protect your electrical equipment from damage and danger. 

Product Feature:

V047 V047-D V098-SA V099-SA
Work voltage :
220V 220V
Current :
16A 16A
Delay time:
90S 90S 5-999S 5-999S
Under voltage:
155V 155V 150V-210V 150V-210V
Over voltage:
265V 265V 230V-280V 230V-280V
/ / 50Hz 50Hz

What's more, we have an experienced team ready to provide you with personalized solutions and professional services. Whether you are an electrical appliances retailer or wholesaler, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. 

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