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The root cause of electrical failure


There is an electrical problem or power failure The most common problems in power supplies are as follows:

Happy "Double Festival"


"The Sesame-filled sweet dumpling is ready, everyone come and taste it!"as soon as the WeChat was posted, the company was very lively, like a second pot of sweet dumpling boiling in the pot

Patent Demonstration Enterprise BXST Add new patents


Patent Demonstration Enterprise BXST Add new patents,including V219, V225, and V227,

How to ensure safe and energy-efficient use of electricity under power shortage


Recently, power supply has been in short supply, and many areas in China have been cut off out of electricity In addition, affected by wars and natural disasters, electricity in some parts of the world is unstable.So, BXST undertaking the mission of "making humans use electricity safer", launched "The Bell" series protector products. "Bell" series protector products include 11 series such as: current protectors, converters, surge protectors, inverters, self-resetting over-voltage and under-voltage protectors, timers, and WIFI sockets.

Relaxed and happy BXST Fun Games


2021 BXST's second employee fun games

What exhibitions did BXST participate in in 2021?


In the first half of 2021, we participated in the CHINA REFRIGERATION INVITATION and the 129th Online Canton Fair.

The new factory being built.


BXST is building a new factory, in the future we will have more and more professional assembly lines and a wider storage space!

Surge protection Devic


Power and electronic equipment are generally designed to operate at a specific voltage. If the voltage provided exceeds the designed limit, it may damage the equipment, or it may cause fire or explosion.