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126th Canton Fair is in progress, BXST welcome you to visit Booth No.10.3K13


126th Canton Fair is in progress, BXST welcome you to visit Booth No.10.3K13

the 126th Canton fair Invitation of BXST


the 126th Canton fair Invitation Date: October 15th-19th Booth No.10.3K31 Warmly welcome to your visiting

What is the refrigerator protector?


For the refrigerator, the refrigerator protector is a very important component, because in modern society, the speed of the refrigerator is very fast, and the corresponding quality will be reduced, so there is a refrigerator protector, which can be used for the refrigerator. To play a certain protective role, thus improving the overall stability of the refrigerator, then what is the refrigerator protector? What is the specific role? Let's take a look at it together.

BXST Group Building In Qingtian


On September 7th, Wenzhou Baoxiang Technology Co., Ltd. organized a team building activity---Qingtian Day Trip. The purpose of this activity is to strengthen employee communication, enrich employees' spare time, stimulate employee enthusiasm, enhance team cohesion and team. Collaboration. Tiangong is beautiful, and during the whole activity, everyone’s bright smile can be seen everywhere, and the whole process is happy.

China Charity Day, BXST volunteers are always here


On the morning of September 1st, BXST Struggle Union appliance repair volunteer team of more than 10 people, came to Longwan District River Mudang Cultural Park in the rain, free of charge for the repair of household appliances, to bring the safety knowledge of electricity to the public, Free to send the protection socket with USB interface produced by BXST to the public. After getting the gifts, many citizens volunteered to speak for BXST Protection Sockets.

China South Africa TRADE FAIR 2019


In April,Our company, Wenzhou BXST Co.,ltd, a 12-years' professional manufacturer of VOLTAGE PROTECTOR and VOLTAGE REGULATOR STABILIZER, went to South America, like Dominica, Colombia, Panama, the United States, etc.; at the end of July, we pushed in Southeast Asia. For us, Southeast Asia is a new market. New markets, new challenges, and new opportunities. In the coming September, we will start a new journey to the other side of the globe - Africa. We hope that our new voltage protectors, voltage regulators and solar systems will shine in new markets.

BXST intelligent "electrical appliances" stunning Canton Fair


On April 15, the first phase of the 125th Spring Canton Fair was grandly opened at Pazhou Complex. Wenzhou BXST Co.,Ltd brings together intelligent electronic products to attract new and old customers from all over the world to come and observe.

The Director of the Logistics Industry Research Institute is coming to Wenzhou BXST Co.,Ltd


Han Gonghua, director of the Logistics Industry Research Institute of the Planning and Research Institute of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, accompanied by the leaders of the park, visited Wenzhou BXST Co.,Ltd. Wenzhou BXST Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of intelligent electronic and electrical products, integrating science, industry and trade. We mainly produce voltage protectors, surge protectors, current limiters, smart converters, and voltage stabilizer, inverter power supplies, remote control sockets, intelligent WIFI sockets, etc.,