BXST-V047-D Automatic Voltage Protector

  • BXST-V047-D Automatic Voltage Protector
  • BXST-V047-D Automatic Voltage Protector
  • BXST-V047-D Automatic Voltage Protector
  • BXST-V047-D Automatic Voltage Protector
  • BXST-V047-D Automatic Voltage Protector
  • BXST-V047-D Automatic Voltage Protector
BXST-V047-D Automatic Voltage Protector

Brand: Wenzhou BXST/ODM/OEM
Model Number: BX-V047-SA-D
Work voltage :220V
Current :12A
Delay time: 2M/90S (selectable)
Under voltage:165V
Over voltage:260V
With Display

Voltage protectors are used when voltage current surges beyond rated value. These units quickly cut power to avoid damage or even

 fire within your refrigerators, air conditioners, heaters, coolers, freezers, etc. 

Voltage protectors feature: bright LED lighting, easy installation, single output, and cutoffs of under voltage .

1.Product Specification

Brand Name
Model Number
Single Phase
Current Type
Plug type
Work Voltage
wait time
3 min
under-voltage disconnect
165V AC
over-voltage disconnect
245V AC
double blister

2.Product Features

     1.Over/Under Voltage Protection: When the voltage exceeds the limit, it will automatically cut off the power to prevent 

the electrical appliances being damaged by the too low or too high voltage.

     2.Lightning Protection: Instantaneous voltage exceeds the limit, the product will protect the electrical appliance against 

excessive voltage damage automatically and quickly.

     3.Phosphor Bronze: with good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

     4.Flame Retardant Material: Be able to reach the experimental standards of level test of UL94-5VA..

     5.Child Safety Socket:Only by inserting a plug, with a top pin, can the shutter be opened, which in turn activates the live 

part of the socket. For a child to get an electric shock, therefore, it needs to not only stick their finger deep into the top hole, 

but also one of the other holes.

     6.Visualized Window:The digital display shows the current working status clearly and conspicuously.


      1.The total power of connected electrical equipment shall not exceed the rated power.

      2.Do not use this product in damp or not ventilated environment.

      3.Non-professionals do not open, change, repair the product.

      4.Poor connection of the front terminal or poor connection of the plugmay cause a danger.


Q:Are you a factory?
A:Yes,we are a factory which has been focusing on research and development and manufacturing all kinds of socket for 10 years.  

Q:What if there is some problems with your products after I receive the bulk?
A:The rate of our qualified products is 99%-100%.If some products are not working when you receive them,we will supply you the same quantity
qualified products.

Q:What is the material of your products?
A:  The shell material is ABS, PC, PA66, V0 Flame-retardant level. Hardware is 0.7 mm thick of beryllium bronze. Our company uses relay with
high quality which is bought from Sky-Wave and Loose Joy. All chips are imported from Taiwan and United States.
Q:How can I get some samples?
A:All the sample is available in stock, we can send you free sample if you can pay the express fee.
Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A:We have professional QC department, we inspect all steps from the purchase of the materials to the departures of products from our factory
according to the standard test. We always attach great importance on quality control from the beginning to the end . Our factory has gained 
CE.FCC.Rohs ceritificate.
Q:When you ship my order?
A:Normally 30to45days after receiving your payment,but it can be negotiated based on production schedule.
Q: How long is the product warrenty period?
A:Every products has the patent of the original, we promise that the products have two year warrenty, but the counterfeit products
are not included in the warrenty period
Q: How to identify the quality goods is BXST?
A:We all have anti-counterfeiting qr code on each PCB circuit boards

If you want to know more, please contact us, we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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