BX-V099-US-120V-D New items Voltage Protector

BX-V099-US-120V-D New items Voltage Protector

Working voltage:120VAC
Delay time: 5-999 seconds adjustable
Undervoltage protection range: 80V-100V
Overvoltage protection range: 130v-150v
Frequency range:50-60Hz
Warranty period: 365 days

Working  Voltage






Low voltage protection range


High voltage protection range


Delay time

5-999s (adj)


PC V0 Flame Retardant


air-conditioner/fridge/Water heater etc.

Warranty lamp

1 year

1.Over/Under Voltage Protection: When the voltage exceeds the limit, it will automatically cut off the power to prevent the electrical appliances being damaged by the too low or too high voltage.

2.Lightning Protection: Instantaneous voltage exceeds the limit, the product will protect the electrical appliance against excessive voltage damage automatically and quickly.

3.Phosphor Bronze: with good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

4.Flame Retardant Material: Be able to reach the experimental standards of level test of UL94-5VA..

5.Visualized Window:The digital display shows the current working status clearly and conspicuously.   



1.The total power of connected electrical equipment shall not exceed the rated power.

2.Do not use this product in damp or not ventilated environment.

3.Non-professionals do not open, change, repair the product.

4.Poor connection of the front terminal or poor connection of the plug may cause a danger.

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