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BX-USB003 America Standard Two USB Wall Switch

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This product is wall panel type 118, which is hot-selling in South American market. Its Suitable for small power equipment such as TV set, computer and refrigerator, which rated power less than 1800W.

Product Specification

● Work Voltage/Frequency          120VAC/50HZ-60HZ

● Working current:                                 15A

● Max power:                                   1800W

● USB Output Voltage/Current                5VDC/2.1A

● usable environment:                       -5℃+55℃

● Weight:                                         106g

● Measures:                           115.6*67*44.8mm

● Panel material:    high quality PC flame resistant material     

● Packing:       48*47*37cmDouble Blister  50pcs/ ctn

Product features

● Thicker grounding holderAfter the user installs the junction box, the thickened support product has good firmness.

● USB charging interfaceUsers solve the trouble of installing the charger into the socket,by plugging in the data cable directly to charge the phone, tablet, etc.

● Copper parts of phosphor copperExcellent electrical conductivity,corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Flame resistant shell It conforms to the standard of the UL94-5VA level experiment.


 The total power of the connected electrical equipment shall not exceed the rated power.

 Do not use this product in damp or unventilated environment.

 Do not open, alter, repair or maintain this product without professional personnel.

 Poor front-terminal contact or poor plug contact may cause danger.