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BX-T001 Timer from Wenzhou BXST Co.,Ltd

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BX-T001 isa hot-sold timer intheAmerican market.It applies for refregeritor, Rice cookers, drinking fountains, fish tanks and other low-power equipment whichrated powerisless than2500W.


● Working voltage:   110-250VAC/50HZ-60HZ

● Under voltage:     10A(2500W MAX)

● direction:          Clockwise

● time interval:      min 15minutes for 24 hours

● Temperature:       -5℃~+55℃

● Weight:            81g

● Material:           Flame retardant PC

● Size:              64*63*65mm

● Package:       49*42*20.5CM/blister/60pcs per carton


●Three operating modes of BX-T001

1.Reservation (for example: usercan makereservationfrom4:00 to 5:00 )

2. Loop (for example: user needs to power 15 minutes off 15 minutes on)

3.Timing (for example: user wants to power 3 hours, then power off)

●Phosphor bronze: withthe advantages of good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

●Flame retardant material:Be able to reach the experimental standards ofleveltestofUL94-5VA.


※The total power of connected electrical equipment shall not exceed the rated power.

※ Do not use this product in damp ornotventilated environment.

※ Non-professionals do not open, change, repair the product.

※ Poor connection of the front terminal or poorconnection of the plug may causeadanger.